Do I have Enough Time?

6 Apr 2023

This is the million dollar question...And the anwser is...You can never have to much time.

Having enough time to take photos (along with everything else) on a wedding day is one of the most important aspects of your day.

Keep in mind that you are relying on many people on the day of your wedding and I don't just mean the people you are hiring. You are dealing with members of the bridal party and family. So, as your group grows, so does the time it with take to shoot photos with them and I have to even begun to mention travel time. 

 A great photographer has a plan or outline of how the process of taking photos will take place, so time will not be wasted and you can plan accordingly, especially when it comes to travel.  

At Life In Light, we have an appointment with our clients to review your day, set times, plan locations, and tell you what to expect.